Introduction: This Content Provider Agreement are additional terms which apply if you use Vulgar Slang of Las Vegas (VSLV) as a creator (also referred to as "you" and "your" in this Content Provider Agreement). This Content Provider Agreement form part of your agreement with us.

VSLV prohibits any activity that is illegal or otherwise violates the Terms of Service.

VSLV requires the creator to obtain and keep on record written consent from all persons depicted in the content specific to the following areas:

  • Consent to be depicted in the content.
  • Consent to allow for the public distribution of the content and to upload the content to
  • If the content will be made available for downloading by other users, consent to have the content downloaded.

Interpretation: In this Content Provider Agreement, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Service for all members.

The following terms will also apply to your use of VSLV and you agree to them:

  • Our Terms of Service for all members;
  • Our Privacy Statement – which tells you how we use your personal data and other information we collect about you;
  • Our Complaint Policy – which sets out the procedure for making a complaint about any aspect of VSLV, and how we will deal with that complaint;
  • Other terms which may apply to your use of VSLV: The following additional terms may apply to your use of VSLV:
    • If you are also a member, the Terms of Service for members will also apply to your use of VSLV as a member;
    • What are the fees that we charge creators for the use of VSLV? We charge a fee to you of twenty percent (20%) of all Member Payments made to you (Our Fee). The remaining eighty percent (80%) of the Member Payment is payable to you (Creator Earnings). Our Fee includes the costs of providing, maintaining and operating VSLV and storing your content. Our Fee is deducted from the Member Payment, and Creator Earnings are paid to you in the way described in the Payouts to Creators section below.

How to establish a VSLV account as a Creator: To establish a VSLV account as a creator:

  • Creators must contact us via email ( and provide their model name, username, password and email in order for their account to be created on
  • Creators must provide a valid form of identification – United States-issued driver's license, photo identification, passport (unexpired), birth certificate (original or certified) etc..
  • Creators must provide a bank account or payment details of your bank account or a payment method (credit/bank/wire transfer via Visa).You will need to select one of the available methods provided by VSLV as to how your Creator Earnings will be transferred to you. These methods are called Payout Options.
  • We may ask you for additional age or identity verification information at any time. We may reject your application to setup a creator account for any reason.
  • Creators must provide their content – photos and/or videos – in order for it to be uploaded on
  • Once your account has been established as a creator, then if you want to charge your fans a fee you will need to set your price for your fans within the range allowed by VSLV.
  • If you lose access to your account, you can reset your password, but you will need to know the email address used to set up the account to do so. If you do not recall the email address used to set up the account, we may require you to provide identification documents and photos and any additional evidence we may reasonably require to prove your identity.

Personal legal responsibility of creators: Only individuals can be creators. Every creator is bound personally by the Terms of Service. If you have an agent, agency, management company or other third party which assists you with the operation of your content, this does not affect your personal legal responsibility. Our relationship is with you, and not with any third party, and you will be legally responsible for ensuring that all content uploaded and all use of your account complies with the Terms of Service.

Content – general terms: In addition to the terms set out elsewhere in the Terms of Service, the following terms apply to the content provided by the creator will be uploaded by the VSLV adminstrator(s):

  • Your content is not confidential, and you authorize your fans to access and view your content on VSLV for their own lawful and personal use.
  • You warrant (which means that you make a legally enforceable promise to us) that for each item of content which you provide on VSLV:
    • The content complies in full with the Terms of Service;
    • You either own your content (and all intellectual property rights in it) or have a valid license to offer and supply your content to your fans;
    • If your content includes or uses any third-party material, you have secured all rights, licenses, written consents and releases that are necessary for the use of such third-party property in your content and for the subsequent use and exploitation of that content on; and
    • The content is:
      • Of satisfactory quality, taking account of any description of the content, the price, and all other relevant circumstances including any statement or representation which you make about the nature of the content on your account or in any advertising;
      • Reasonably suitable for any purpose which the fan has made known to you is the purpose for which the fan is using the content; and
      • As described by you.

You agree that you will be liable to us and indemnify us if any of the warranties at section 6(2) is untrue. This means you will be responsible for any loss or damage (including loss of profit) we suffer as a result of any of the warranties being untrue.

We are not responsible for and do not endorse any aspect of any content provided by you.